So last week Tomis and I found out that we can stop calling Nuggy “it”. Now, we are able to say that he is a healthy baby boy with a strong heartbeat and a tendency to punch his mother’s stomach during the ultrasound. I always hear people say, “wow, you must have a soccer player in there.” Well, our little guppy sat there on the untrasound screen and repeatedly jabbed at the inside of my stomach… we may have a boxer, every mom’s nightmare haha. I could have watched that ultrasound all day… he is adorable. He has a perfect little head, two adorable legs and arms, and a tendency to wiggle.

So, my dearest Nuggy… you may want to know what happened the day your mom and dad found out you are a boy. It was a Tuesday, at noon. Your mom had a business training class in Seattle for her new promotion and your dad had to work as a restaurant supervisor in the afternoon. You were 18 weeks into your development. Before the ultrasound began, your dad bet me $50 that you were a girl… I took the bet. The ultrasound tech took all your measurements and confirmed you were indeed perfect (of course, you are my baby). Shortly after, the tech took the wand and placed it by your bottom so we could see if there was anything to see… she said, “there is one thigh. And there is the other.” You mom sat up and pointed at the screen and said, “AND THERE IS SOMETHING HANGING BETWEEN!!!!” Your parents high-fived each other and left the office happier than either of them had been since the day they found you were on the way. Your mom cried as soon as she was at her car (and she is crying now even remembering how happy she was), and your daddy gave her a big hug and told her to drive safe as she called all her friends to tell them the news. Then, your mom drove 4 hours North to a hotel, and your dad went home to get ready for work. The day was unforgettable. This is what your mom did that evening…

My bed at the Waterfront Marriott in Seattle. Hopefully, when you are able to read this, mommy will still fit in the jacket on the bed!!

View from the window

Walking out to see the sites

I LOVED being in a big city again… I will always be a bit of a California girl at heart.

I followed that up into the edge of the city. Was pretty interesting.

It was a giant piggy bank out on the street. It was too cute not to take a pic of

View from the top of the stairs behind the pig

I missed seeing the ocean so I took as many pictures of the water as I could.

You walk under that freeway to get into the city… so much to look at.

Down this little stretch there are a few handmade ice cream places. Someday, my dearest Nuggy, your mom and dad will take you there to eat ice cream and look at the Ocean. There is a carousel too 🙂

Onion soup… the bread inside was yummy but the soup was a bit too much. It was like slurping caramelized onions.

You may already know this, but your mother’s favorite food is french fries. I don’t care what I eat, if it comes with french fries it is a winner.

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One Response to SEATTLE!! BOY!!! HAPPY!!

  1. Shannon says:

    I love you!

    I wish could have gone to Seattle with you. Would have been so much fun!

    Cant wait to meet Mr. Nuggy!!!

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