Tears and laughter

Yesterday was a fun day. I had an early day from work since I worked some later days during the week. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. There was more than enough sun for t-shirts, but still enough chill for a light sweater to make the day feel cozy. Tomis and I started by heading over to the Men’s Warehouse to buy some replacement work shoes for the ones that split open while Tomis was working Thursday night. MW was having one of their famous specials intended to make you spend more money than you came to spend… and of course, it worked haha. In twenty minutes Tomis walked out with 2 pairs of shoes, a tie, and cologne (that I LOVE, so sometimes wear). Not to worry though, your favorite financially conscience soon-to-be-parents did not blow the lid off their bank accounts; with a few coupons and some good specials we were able to get out of there only spending about what you would expect to pay for a pair of shoes at Nordstroms.

After Mens Warehouse we went to grab some dinner at Old Chicagos. As always, the food didn’t disappoint. The have a fantastic Asian chicken salad. We were seated next to a table with a little girl and her parents. The little girl looked a bit like what I looked like as a child… her daddy was Caucasian and her mom Asian. It was towards the end of our meal, the bill had been returned to us, and we were but a tip and a signature from being on our way home. That’s when the mommy at the table next to us decided to use the restroom. When her daughter realized her mommy had left the table she started to cry, “I want my mommy. Where is my mommy.” I couldn’t tell you why, but I started to cry… and then laugh, hard. Tomis looked at me and didn’t know what to do. I was bright red with tears rolling down my cheeks and a big smile. I am sure that same face can be found at insane asylums across the world. It was my second crazy crying pregnant woman moment, the first being the chicken sandwich incident. Oh Nuggy, I can’t wait until you are out of my belly smiling and laughing with me, instead of in my belly making your mommy a lunatic..


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3 Responses to Tears and laughter

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    Oh,you look soooo nice…when I was be pregnent I was cry for everything…it is funny…and nice…soooo nice…many love from us….

  2. Michelle says:

    Your hair is black, you’re wearing print, and your boobs are big. Koko, is that you?!! 🙂 My dear, you look super beautiful and happy. Me love you long time.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh yeah, I spy them ho-ho’s in the background.

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