Poking my Uterus

I had my 5 month doctor appointment for Nuggy today. Everything looks good… I am healthy and normal and baby is spectacular. Despite the fact that he moves around incessantly our doctor was easily able to get a read on our boy’s heart rate… 150 beats/minutes šŸ™‚ Tomis is less than impressed by our doctor and I have resigned any expectation of special treatment. This is pretty much how the appointments go: I pee in a cup, I sit on a table, I get poked in the belly, then I am on my merry way! I did however learn how to locate my uterus.. if I take my finger and place it between my ribs aligned with my belly button and poke my tummy on the path down towards no-no zone, eventually it stops being squishy and there is a tiny ledge (if you will)… that, my friends, is my uterus. I thought it was kinda weird but it was so curious that when I got back to work I would continue to poke at my belly until I found my uterus again and again. I shared this discovery with my bump buddy at work (Hillary, who is awesome and at the tail end of her first trimester) and it somehow mutated into a funny joke where HYPOTHETICALLY I could be found playing with my uterus in a back office if ever anyone needed me. Sick, but incredibly funny.

Anyway… I am off to yet another branch tomorrow. On to meet new people and learn new things! Exciting, but I keep getting attached to the people in the branches I work at and get a little bummed when I need to move on.


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