Chubby Hubby

Tomis as a baby…

I look at this picture probably 5 times every day. It is so hard to imagine that tubby little face evolved into my husband. As a baby I looked almost opposite of Tomis– I was skinny with huge eyes and darker skin (cute, but not quite as cuddly). If I could take what was adorable about Tomis and combine it with what was cute about me, I would have a fat, blue-eyed baby with a big smile and a bald head 😉 I can’t wait to see my boy..

Anyway, the pregnancy brain is driving me nuts; I have dreams about ninjas coming after me if I close the house blinds, I spent a good chunk of today thinking it was Tuesday despite it being Wednesday, I forget why I walk into rooms once I get there, I am preoccupied with food, incredibly weepy, and it is an obnoxious state of mind (albeit, pretty humorous in hindsight).

Alright friends and family, I am about an hour from slipping into blissful slumber (unless the ninjas come back). Good night, and much love to you all!!

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