Your pen, or your honor m’lady

Tomis was scheduled to work Monday-Thursday this week… all night shifts. That means that my husband and I haven’t seen each other more than 2-3 consecutive minutes, or with our eyes open, for almost a week. A few text messages back and forth, sweet gestures like a clean sink when I get home, or sandwiches when Tomis gets home, but that’s it. The next time Tomis sees me awake my stomach will have grown another few inches haha.

Anyway, Nuggy is doing great. The little guy wiggles so much that I think my days of sleeping may be numbered. Some people are still surprised that I am pregnant as my stomach isn’t as huge as it will be. I can hide it a little beneath button down shirts, but I do get second looks as people ponder what is throwing off my symmetry.

I am running into little surprises as each day passes too. I have yet to trade in my heals for the more foot friendly flat, and have come across a problem. I can’t really bend down without opening my legs to make room for my tummy, so imagine poor me dropping a pen in the middle of a bank lobby… wearing a skirt. Challenged to decide whether to kick my pen over to a wall and roll it up with my foot to a reasonable height OR just hope and pray that my honor not be tarnished as I pick up the blasted pen, I just circled the unholy bic for a good minute before hearing the giggles of onlookers. Needless to say, I kept my honor… but lost a darn good pen. It is too late to join a convent… but perhaps the three inch heals and pregnancy skirt should be retired until I can figure out how to wear them with class haha..

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