Offer extended… pretty townhome

Today Tomis and I put an offer on a townhome we saw a week ago. It isn’t the house that is near perfection from the previous post, but I will let everyone in on a little secret, I like this one better 🙂 Despite the fact that the upgrades aren’t quite as posh, I think that the layout is more family friendly and the surrounding area boasts more in terms of community living. ALSO, the biggest thing that I loved about the first home (a large bonus room on the bottom of three levels) was also the thing that I considered a downside… there would be an entire floor to lose my husband on! We are still relatively newly wed and I don’t want to make hiding easy for him (yet). Maybe in ten years I will strategically place televisions and man toys around the house to distract my husband as I pursue peace, but for now, I kinda like him being but a few steps and a holler away 😉

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