My butt hurts

For the past few weeks I have been wondering why my butt has been so sore. I thought that it might be from sitting in funny positions, or lying down on the couch wrong, or maternity clothes getting the best of me. Today at work I was rocking a bit in my chair trying to find a butt-friendly position when I found myself feeling the need to explain why I was squirming. I mentioned to the manager at the branch I have been working out of (I LOVE LOVE LOVE her) that I had a funny ailment, and she gave me the knowing “mom” look… apparently (she explained with a smile) all the simultaneous stretching and compacting of my body, courtesy of Nuggy, is putting pressure on my sciatic nerve… in layman’s terms, Nuggy is a pain in the butt 😉

So other than my butt, things are good. Tomorrow I am on the road again. It is actually really fun getting to move from branch to branch and see how different shows are being run. This will be an entirely new district though so no one will really know who I am. The two hours in the car makes me worry about my butt, but I am excited either way 😉

In other news, Tomis and I got a counter offer from the seller of the townhome we were interested in. It was a really disappointing counter; one that we would be silly to accept. Well, if it is meant to be it will be. Be it this house or another we will end up in the right spot.

So if you are thinking of me tonight… take a moment to appreciate your butt. It really puts things into perspective haha.

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One Response to My butt hurts

  1. Shannon says:

    I heart you!

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