we are in ESCROW!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 We GOT it. After some heavy bargaining we will very soon own a BEAUTIFUL townhouse in a FANTASTIC area, near food, entertainment, country, friends, etc.

Soooo, welcome to our home!!!! These pics are off the website and don’t show it as pretty as it actually is. There are 3 bedrooms and an office with a closet, a 3 car garage, 1772 sq/ft, a small patio, walk-in closet, and a private neighborhood park.

Floor Plan



back of the three car garage

Kitchen… one day, there will be stainless appliances in there. One day will be awhile though 😉

Living area… someday, I will paint it a happier color 🙂

Office at the front of the house. French doors to get in!!

Private park… Nuggy and I will have a water balloon fight there someday.

I am so excited about it… the keys should be in our hands mid-June. I can’t wait to put the keys in the door and breath in the air from my very first home. I want to buy a little banana hammock for the kitchen.. I don’t know why, but I do haha. The only cosmetic thing I want to do (because it would be silly to throw all sorts of money in when we don’t have it) is paint Nuggy’s room a bright race car blue. The rest of the house can look barely lived in, but Nuggy’s room will be inspired (especially since Moosh and Doodle’s present for their grandson is a crib and changing table). Our papasan will probably make it in there as well just for my comfort on sleepless nights.

I am such a lucky woman. I am so excited about what is ahead of me… new job, new home, and beautiful baby boy. I spent HOURS doing our budget, and I know we can do it. As far as I am concerned, all I need is our camera to capture all the happy moments that are coming. A couch can wait 😉

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One Response to we are in ESCROW!!

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    We are veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy because of you !!!! We now that this house will be happy place for familly Papec !!! Enjoy !!! We love you…

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