I LOVE my job… my life… my family… my hubby…

So our move-in date is scheduled for June 10th. It works out pretty well… I will be the size of a small Macy’s day float, but still a far cry from a blue whale so there may be some use for me in box packing. My parents are being sweetie pies as always. Doodle is spending too much time helping me figure out tax deductions and withholding elections on W-4s for kids and mortgages. Very soon Grandpa will have to step in with his magical software to help us get some firm numbers to apply to my Nuggy Spreadsheet 🙂 Tomis is doing his husbandly duty and sending me text messages while I am home without him so I don’t miss him too terribly. I was treated to tacos for lunch today by a colleague and work was very productive. When I got home I walked an overjoyed dog, ate enough food to fill a barrel, and now I am getting ready to snuggle into a super comfy bed with two warm animals on a warm Spring night. Any one of those things would make me smile, but today I got a boatload.

Well… a 90 year old lady did say my shoes reminded her of shoes she used to wear when she was looking for some action… but I will add that to the good list as well since it was too funny.

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