Doodle… kitty hero

Jet had a kitty issue a few days ago. Apparently he had a bad reaction to his food and his bladder shut down. Doodle found him quite sad beside his water bowl one morning and took him straight to the vet to be checked out. Once at the local vet’s office, our valiant Doodle had to threaten the stone-hearted receptionist to get Jet in front of the doc; after a bit of arguing (and a lot of money) Doodle got past the gatekeeper, and Jet was diagnosed as having crystallized urine blocking his bladder. After a few days worth of treatment Jet was seen to be on the road to recovery and sent on home. In his vast kitty appreciation, he has attached to Doodle and has been vocalizing his love non-stop.

In short, All hail Doodle, the protector of puss.. er, kitty, and the defender against bad receptionists throughout Oregon!!

In other news, we did our home inspection today. Everything was dandy. There were only minor fixes… some missing insulation, a few cracks in the grout in the kitchen, some loose door hinges… nothing to fret on. Our move in date is scheduled about a month out… I am already so anxious to get in there. I already see it as home. I can’t wait to park my car in the garage, have his and hers sinks, a nursery with a crib, a pantry and extra counter space… I am just excited 🙂

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