Stop… feeding… the preggo

haha… I think the title pretty much says it all. Yes, I know how cute I am with my torpedo yummy. Yes, I know you want to pet me. Yes, I do know that I glow and forget things and that I am absolutely adorable because of it. I KNOW that the most natural response to the feeling of adoration for me and my bump is to stuff me full of food and rub my buddha belly, but really, you don’t have to haha. Where a trough full of donuts and cheeseburgers is honestly the easiest way to get me to smile and giggle in complete and totally elation, it is probably going to turn me into a sausage. There is nothing cute about a sausage 😉

If it makes you feel any better… I hide donuts in my car and nibble on them OFTEN, just don’t tell Tomis 😉 Actually, he is driving my car today… if he looks behind the seat he may find an empty box of chocolate donuts. I can’t remember if I disposed of the evidence… uh oh.

Man… now I want a donut. And a glass of milk. With a scoop of coffee ice cream. I take it back… feed me 😉

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