Oh yes she did..

I am now in my third trimester. It went soooo quick. I keep getting asked if I have any weird cravings and up until a week ago, not really. Yesterday, however, I had a doozie. I was making breakfast for dinner… spam, scrambled eggs with salsa, and colby jack cheese layered thick on a large croissant. I had four croissants and a hungry husband, so I made him three sandwiches and then started to make mine. There was a banana sitting on the counter next to some hot sauce, and for some reason that sounded intriguing. Not too far from the banana and hot sauce was the colby jack cheese from Tomis’s sandwiches… if you are guessing that I turned all that into a sandwich, you would be correct. It was GLORIOUS! Croissant, cheese, banana, and hot sauce microwaved for 30 seconds. I know it sounds disgusting, but if I had another croissant that sandwich is what I would be eating right now… maybe with some added bacon.

Now I am waiting for midnight to go pick up Tomis from work. There are ten (there were twelve, but I ate two) banana streusel muffins sitting on top of the kitchen counter, fresh baked from this morning, that are taunting me. I am really struggling not to eat absolutely everything I come across and am now cursing my earlier urge to bake my favorite muffins. God help the cat if she mistakenly walks through some barbecue sauce as I believe her minutes could be numbered.. 😉

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