The blind leading the blind

So in an effort to save some parking fees and spend a little extra time together, I dropped off Tomis and picked him up from work yesterday. Now, he works at a pretty big hotel and there are loads of parking garages that surround it. There was some confusion over where exactly our pick-up point was (I thought Tomis was trying to have me killed, and Tomis thought I was an idiot). There was a misunderstanding over what, “turn right where you see the sign” meant, and I ended up in an almost vacant garage behind the hotel, and Tomis was standing out on the street. Thank god for cell phones, otherwise Tomis would still be standing on the curb and I would be out of gas in downtown Portland haha.

When we got home we sat on the couch together and munched on some pasta salad I made around 11pm. I had also baked some from-scratch banana streusel muffins in the morning (nesting, much?) and forced Tomis to eat one as well. Of course, he whimpered about all the food I was shoving in him at 2am but if he didn’t eat the special muffins I made him I would have thrown a fit haha.

This morning, the great “turn right” debate ensued. I plan to hide his dinner tonight and leave him some very shoddy directions on how to get to it 😉 It should be fun haha.

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