cheek to cheek

It is amazing how life seems to so seamlessly transition from one phase to the next with such poetry. There isn’t any one point of view more universally poignant than another, but for today, my cheek will weave the tale…

Just a few years ago I was dancing in the rain near the Pacific Ocean with the most handsome man in the world. We walked hand in hand to different shops and pubs, jumping in puddles, looking at novelty items, and yes, stealing moments to place one warm cheek to another.

Every weekend when I would steal away to see Tomis as he docked 2 hours from my home, my cheek would welcome his kiss after having been without him for six long and agonizing days. That same cheek would just barely have recalled the enjoyment of the moment before it was leaned against a cold car window watching a ship carry my beloved into the horizon. Sometimes, my cheek would feel a warm tear against the cool, like a razor, before it got wiped away.

Later in the evening, my cheek spent three hours pressed so tightly against a cell phone with Tomis’s voice broken and vague in the background that it suffered button marks until the morning. Six days worth of international calls would cycle back into weekend visits… all to the despair and great enjoyment of my cheek.

That same cheek has since felt kisses from the same lips turn from a boyfriend, to a husband, and soon a patriarch. Its journey is far from over though… soon there will be tales of my baby boy’s cheek, kisses, and everything else agonizing and wonderful. I (and my cheek) can hardly wait 🙂

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