Nuggy has happy feet

A few months ago I subscribed to a weekly email that sends me progress reports on Nuggy’s development. I have followed his growth from nugget to cauliflower, read about his fingernails growing, eyes opening, lungs developing, etc. Every week is fascinating. This week the e-mail discussed studies that show your baby actually mimics the emotions that you feel. Lucky for Nuggy, I have been remarkably calm through this pregnancy– despite the fact that Tomis and I are moving, starting a family, selling cars, juggling finances, changing jobs, and hassling (once again) with immigration fees, I feel happy and grounded. Luckily, I have the support of my parents who have been buffering a lot of what could be overwhelming. They have tricked me with calling gifts “investments” and inviting me over for steak when they know I need to incorporate vitamin D into my diet (Moosh and Doodle, you two are saints), but I digress. I think knowing that there is a child inside me that is affected by every thing I do or feel has made me consciously take a shoulder shrug attitude to what usually winds me up into a little stress ball… I have been very content.

Those that know me well can attest to what I am about to say here: I have a funny little quirk when I get really happy– my feet kick, haha. Different people in life who have been close to me have coined the idiosyncrasy as “happy feet.” If I am sitting, my feet march, if I am standing, I jump. Odd, I know, but that’s just me. Today was a hand shaking and baby kissing day (if you will) and usually would have my mind whirling with political scenarios… but no, I just wanted ice cream 🙂 So back to Nuggy feeling my emotions… ALL DAY LONG, I got absolutely pounded by little feet in my tummy. I can only assume that Nuggy picked up on his mamas “happy feet.” It is a much sweeter thought than to think he picked up his daddy’s desire to kick mommy 😉

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