Documents SIGNED

Tomis and I are at the start of a very hectic week. We have dueling schedules that are just brimming with time-sensitive activities; the first of which was heading over to the title company and signing our documents. We are one phone call and a final walk-through away from being homeowners. As we prepare for the moment where keys exchange hands we are living in an apartment with boxes waiting to be filled and lists awaiting their check marks of completion. As Tomis gets through a 50 hour work week and I travel between branches and prepare myself for my new position, we will alternate packing boxes while the other works. Slowly but surely, boxes will fill, and next Monday we will be waking up in a new home.

Anyway, I want to get at least one box filled before Tomis gets home. We are all too familiar with these nights without each other so we have learned to express appreciation through small gestures– There are two giant sandwiches in the fridge for Tomis’s late return from work and a clean kitchen to munch in. I honestly don’t know when I will see my husband this week so “I love you” will be expressed just the way I described. Until the next time… MUAH!!

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