Nicest Neighborhood EVER

I can’t believe what a beautiful neighborhood we moved into. It is amazingly clean with perfectly manicured lawns. The people are downright friendly too. Tomis and I went to the grocery store the other night and got into a discussion with a nice lady about cheese… upon purchasing her recommendation the cheese guy slipped an extra quarter pound in our bag. Earlier in the week I went in the store and the checkout gal took my groceries to my car for me since I am pregnant. I also got some free pasta salad to munch on while I walked the store aisles 🙂

I think what I love most is that there are about five parks walking distance from us. There are young families everywhere taking advantage of the neighborhood’s features, and it makes me feel so secure. I have this image of Nuggy walking down the street with a soccer ball, and I am not concerned about his safety. I am thrilled with our new home, and Tomis and I both drive home excited to walk into our front door.

We are nine weeks away from Nuggy’s arrival. I will start to slowly purchase diapers and baby supplies from the grocery store as I buy dinner essentials for the next two months. I have been so busy with life that I feel like I forgot that I have a baby on the way soon. I think it is all still very surreal to me. So much is changing so fast that it is really hard to comprehend it all.

I am starting to transition into my new role at work as well. It is intense… so much so that I sometimes forget I am pregnant. I can’t comprehend what my life will look like week to week for the next year. Everything that isn’t different already will either change entirely or be altered by something explosive happening in the vicinity. It is excitingly terrifying… like bungee jumping with a blindfold haha. Alright, at 8:15pm, I am ready for bed. Goodnight!!

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