4th of July and Nuggy’s nursery

Rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air sounds about right in Hillsboro, Oregon. We have a weenie of a dog cowering in the corner as fireworks play war melodies in the background. We have the AC cranked down to about 70 degrees to make up for the closed windows on this warm Summer night just to make sure our poor dog doesn’t have to be any more uncomfortable than he already is.

Earlier today Tomis and I went to pick up Nuggy’s crib from Moosh and Doodle’s. With only 7 weeks left to go before our little Nug-Bug arrives it was probably about time to get his room set-up. It about made me cry to see the result of Tomis’ tinkering around with his tools for about 4 hours. We still need to get a mattress for the crib and get the changing station set-up, but you can feel that the room is just waiting to receive its future inhabitant.

Nuggy’s door

Wall decals, all nautical.

Ships and monkeys… what a theme 🙂

Changing station that still needs a changing pad, baby’s first book, ship lamp, and stuffed monkey

Nuggy’s crib with a monkey towel draped over the top. We have to get some baby friendly laundry detergent before we get his linens in there.

I am actually excited at the moment! I feel like I pretty regularly swing between scared, overwhelmed, excited, happy, concerned, and content. Right now, I just feel like my baby’s face is the only thing in the world that matters and I can’t wait to touch his little nose.

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One Response to 4th of July and Nuggy’s nursery

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    Ohhhhhhh,so nice……….we are soooooo happy because Nuggy comes soon !!! We have a big drama in ours life and because of Nugge we have much reason for smile…thank you for that…welove you and thinking of you so much…many love,especially,this time,for Koko !!!!!!!!!!!

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