Oh my gosh.. I was absolutely shocked today by some AMAZING friends. I thought I was meeting some girls from a branch that I trained at back in March for lunch today. I really should have caught on that they were up to something when they planned a casual “lunch” 3 weeks in advance, but I have learned not to trust my brain while pregnant and just went with it. In hindsight, there were tons of clues… I had to meet one of the gals in a parking lot and then was driven to a house instead of a restaurant– I didn’t even question it, lol. As I waited at a front door in the rain, not thinking anything was going on, I just assumed we were picking up the second gal we were meeting for lunch and completely ignored the hub bub going on behind the door as we waited for an answer– still, I remained oblivious. After a few minutes the door opened, I walked up a flight of stairs, and was greeted by a chorus of “SURPRISE!!” There was food, balloons, little toys, and presents– ALL for me. It was SUCH a touching moment, one that I will never forget. Since I have been pregnant I have experienced such an outpouring of love and support that I am beside myself with gratitude. I am glad that this is the world my boy will be born into.

Sorry about the delay in posts by the way. Last week I was in Ohio sans internet access. My days went from 6:45am until 9pm EST, and I was on PST. My Friday ended up being 22 hours long, and I clocked a good 34 hours of overtime. Needless to say, except for the baby shower, my weekend was composed primarily of recuperation. The class I attended was fantastic, but I do have to say that I was twice the size yet half the woman that I usually am whilst there– 8 months pregnant with little to no sleep, 14 hour work days with jet lag, I was nowhere near on my game. I usually don’t play the pregnancy card, but if anyone questions my performance that week I am laying that bad boy on the table.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound. Nuggy is a bit small for his gestational age, so they want to make sure there is no reason to be concerned about his development. I must admit, for as far along as I am, I am incredibly small… but I was pretty twiggy to begin with. To assuage any question as to MY contribution to a little Nuggy, I have gained 28 pounds and I eat everyday like it is a holiday. And to make everyone not worry, Nuggy’s heartbeat is strong, his kicks are stronger, and his mommy’s love will get him through anything. However, pray for my baby either way. A little positive energy and a divine nod never hurt anyone.

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  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    Nuggy will be healthy and strong Papec boy !!!!! Dont worry…we pray and everything will be just perfect !!!!!!!!! We love you….

  2. I forget to say….you have a really amazing friends !!! Thanks God for that…but,you are
    such a beautifful person and you deserve that !!!

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