Baby’s Day Out

Ohhhhhhhhhh that was stressful. Tomis had today off and he promised me that we could go on a walk with baby Ryker (who we still call Nuggy haha). Around seven at night I put on a nice Summer dress and some make-up; I have come to learn that mommies get very few “pretty moments.” I popped an Oxycodon to make sure I wouldn’t double over in pain while around families in the park and then grabbed my Nug-Bug for our walk.

First off, getting a four pound baby into a car seat is like trying to firmly secure a noodle to a wall with one piece of tape. The child’s head bobbled all about. Second, it was QUITE windy outside. Despite the fact that it was a warm breeze, it just didn’t seem like our little premie should be out in the high wind for his very first outing. Third, our usually well-behaved dog decided to test his limits with us by crossing streets unattended while off leash and pulling like a maniac while on. The sun also made our Nuggy’s little face crinkle up… my heart broke. It took but five minutes for us to to pull the child out of his stroller, smack the dog on the nose, and head on home with haste. Once back in the safety of our home we cuddled our baby boy and promised him that the scary outside world would wait for a day when he (and we) were more equipped to make it an enjoyable experience.

Here are MORE pics 🙂


Ryker after his bath all bundled up in a towel

We are slowly getting fat onto his little bones. I LOVE this picture… he just looks so delicate and precious.

Father and son or twins??

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2 Responses to Baby’s Day Out

  1. Hillary says:

    Tooooooooooo adorable!! You have a precious little family!! Love ya girl!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh,beautiful familly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryker looks amazig….we love you,we love you,we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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