Daddy and Nuk Nuk

Today was nice. I had Tomis home with me and (Great) Grandma came by with food for us. Chatting with Grammy is always one of my favorite things, and with Nuggy playing the part of comedian it makes it even more fun…

It was early afternoon, Grandma and I were chatting about babies and talking story, and I was feeding Nuggy. Out of nowhere I felt my hand fill with warm liquid and a steady dribble down my crossed legs. Being stuck in “feeding stance” there really wasn’t much I could do but to sit covered in pee until Nuggy was all done– that’s the thing about premies, feeding time is sacred and crucial to their development, and NOTHING was going to get in the way of his feed time. What makes it worse is I was wearing a headband with Shrek ears attached to them to keep my hair out of my face. So there I was– sitting crossed legged with a child to breast, wearing Shrek ears, COVERED in pee, and Grandma giggled in the chair haha. What a moment.

This pic was actually from yesterday. This is the Summer dress I put on for our five minute walk in the park haha



So Nuggy just finished his 9pm feeding and is WIDE awake. He sleeps like an angel all during the day, then night falls and someone comes and replaces my sleeping angel with a crazy baby. Each of the child’s limbs (and head) move to their own rhythm… all… night… long. Around 4am my sleeping angel is returned, but only after crazy baby insists that the only place in the world worth sleeping is on mom’s chest (I like that about crazy baby though).

Here I come crazy baby 🙂

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