Cool Grandma Stories for Ryker

My dearest Ryker,

If you are anything like your mom you will be curious about the events that paved the way for your miraculous appearance in the world. You may even question grandma and grandpa into exasperation asking questions about how your daddy and I got to be the way we are. I will do my best to get as many of the stories written down for you as possible so one day you can close your beautiful eyes and envision the stories that created the fabric of your life. We will start with your grandmas…

I didn’t know I could get pregnant. I was told years before finding out I was blessed with you that it would be difficult, and maybe impossible, for me to be a biological mother. Before I let your daddy decide to spend his life with me, I made sure he knew that I may not be the woman to give him a family. Luckily for us, daddy loved me no matter what and very soon asked me to marry him. He did however tell your Grandma Stefica about my condition. Your Grandma climbed a holy mountain and prayed to God that I would have a child. Within weeks (maybe even days) I found out I was pregnant with you πŸ™‚ Finding out you would be my baby was the happiest (and scariest) day of my life up until that point.

Now for Grandma Moosh. I don’t know how the wheels in your head turn quite yet, but this is a little bit magical so be prepared. Moosh is the 7th child of the 7th child of the 7th child. Apparently, there is something a little quirky with that sequence that gives an individual an extra sense of what is to come. The night before you were born Grandma Moosh dreamed that I would be taken to the hospital and that you would be coming the next day. My dearest Ryker, that is exactly what happened.

Right now, you are sleeping peacefully in the middle of our bed. You are under a fuzzy blanket with your head turned to the side, softly snoring. I am sitting in a rocking chair making sure that you are continue to breath comfortably… being a new mommy I am forever paranoid that you are comfortable and safe so you get more attention and love than anyone or thing that has ever been in my life. Your daddy is at work and will probably be home in the early morning. I should get some sleep, but waiting for the moment where you, me, and daddy are all together makes me too excited to sleep restfully. I had a doctor appointment today to check on my recovery from your C-section… I am healing well πŸ™‚ I will save that story for tomorrow though. Here are some pics from today…

You and your daddy. Daddy took the 3am-9am shift today so that I could get some sleep. If you are a teenager and reading this, allow this to be your birth control; you are two weeks and 2 days old, and up until last night I slept 2 hours a night taking care of you. Most gratifying moments of my life, but insanely draining.

Grandma Moosh and Grandpa Doodle

Uncle Pookie watching tv and letting you nap on his chest.

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One Response to Cool Grandma Stories for Ryker

  1. Oh,dear God,Koko makes me cry…we are very happy but also a litlle sad,because you are sooo far from us…but,because of you,we now everything what happend in yours life and that makes us veryyyy happy…thank you for that…Ryker is beautiful boy and I can”t wait day when I see him and hold him…and you and Tomis,of course…we love you…a lot…kiss for everybody…for Papec and Held familly !!!!!!!!!

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