Who needs luxurious baby items…

Little Ryker is about three weeks old now. As he comes into his personality we are learning some interesting things about out boy. The first thing we learned is that a $150 bassinet equipped with lullaby speakers and vibrations does not appeal to our baby. In fact, he probably slept a total of 5 hours in there since being home. He much prefers just a blanket on the bad, or as a treat, on top of mommy. The only problem with appeasing our little one’s desires is that with such little sleep, mommy and daddy are terrified that they will roll over on our less than five pound baby. So, we found a solution… hello 99cent laundry basket that I bought in college! Lined with baby blankets, our little pooper is currently sleeping like an absolute angel. He is safely nestled between Tomis and I on the bed in his little makeshift bassinet šŸ™‚

Anyone who thinks we are crazy, in my husband’s defense, he was against the idea. BUT, he did line the basket with blankets anyway and is currently incredibly proud of our efforts.



We were dying laughing in this picture. Parents of the year is probably not in our future..

I promise we are sober.

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One Response to Who needs luxurious baby items…

  1. Crazy Papec familly !!! We love you !!!!!!!!

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