Resourceful parent? Or lazy parent?

I have a crazy baby on my hands 🙂 Adorable, but crazy. He has a favorite game which I am convinced is a karmic gift stemming from my childhood… I call it “fetch”. Our beautiful boy will cry for his binky, get it from mom or dad, suck on it until mom or dad relaxes, then spit it far and wide for mom or dad to fetch and give back to him. This literally happens 50 plus times in a day. My good friend Hillary caught a piece of the game today. Mind you, Hillary is but 11ish weeks from having a baby herself, and our Nug Bug spit his binky for her to fetch TWICE, once making her crawl under a coffee table, both times spitting it so far that it fell to the floor and needed to be washed. Well, my Nug-bug, mama is absolutely exhausted and needed to be resourceful (or lazy) to make this game of fetch equitable…

Oh yes I did. That is a Gatorade bottle full of water wedging that binky into Nug’s tiny mouth. Worked like a charm… for fifteen minutes. Proving that karma will not be put off, Nuggy turned his head. Fetch continued.

And this, folks, is how Tomis and I change dirty diapers while out on the road. So good looking are the boys in my life that the ladies slow down their cars to check out the sexy Croatian bent over the tiny half-Croatian. Mama stands nearby with a shot gun and a shovel making sure those ladies stay good and clear of my cutie pies– I went through quite a bit to get those two in my life, and I am quite protective of them 😉

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