Doctor Update

Nug’s month check-up was today. Usually they do a one week, a two week, and a two month check-up, but with Nuggy being so little they figured it best to check on him a few extra times. He is a strong, alert and happy little guy. He is however still taking his time growing. Since the last time they saw him he only put on half as much weight as they hoped he would. I suspected as much… despite him being so strong something just didn’t feel right. Anyway, the problem likely has nothing to do with his development. It is probably more to do with my breast milk suddenly slowing. I was pretty opposed to having him nurse from me when I took him home from the hospital as it was too difficult to monitor his intake, but after much persuasion from various doctors and nurses I finally relented– I shouldn’t have. I think a mother’s instinct should be given more authority. I have yet to have a hunch with my child that was wrong, so from now on mommy knows best. In order to catch my boy up to where he should be we are moving to feedings every two hours and about 30% more than he had been taking before (at the recommendation of the doctor, and what I had planned to do anyway). Ideally, he will gain an ounce and a half per day. In a month our pediatrician hopes to see 2-3 pounds of chubby packed onto my little pooter. The only hitch is that it takes about half an hour to feed the baby, another half an hour to get the pumping process complete from start to finish, and sometimes about half an hour to get Ryker in a restful enough sleep to actually get a nap in myself… sooooo, when does mom sleep??? I have yet to have more than 4 hours of sleep in the past month and have been idling along just above empty but happily and with energy. However, if even more of my sleep gets taken away I may lose my marbles. Tomis has offered to swoop in like a superhero in order to get me some rest 🙂 He will handle the bottle feeding at night while I prepare Nug’s next meal and we will take turns getting the little guy back to sleep so that I can keep on plugging. In the meantime, we will have a nurse visiting weekly to weigh our little sprout until he is all caught up. We will keep you updated on his progress 🙂

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