Mommy and Nuggy take a nap

After a “crazy baby” night, around noon Nuggy and I got in a good nap. I wrapped him up in his favorite fuzzy blanket (note to other expectant moms: those fuzzy blankets are a godsend), jammed him under the covers with me, wrapped myself around him, and then the two of us snored together for two hours. Tomis thought it was cute and took pictures of the drooling duo. This is how we sleep for at least one shift of every night. Usually, a picture of me sans make-up and drooling into my own baby blanket wouldn’t even be considered for making our blog but with Nug as cute as he his, it was necessary.


Tomis and I went through maybe four outfit changes today getting Nug ready to go out for dinner. The first was soiled by a renegade pee-pee. The second was a pair of pants that is already too small for our sprout. The third was a pair of pants MUCH too big, which you can see here 🙂 Makes our little guy like super tall. By the way, the fourth outfit looked like a pastel baby version of MC Hammer.


And finally, this was just too funny. For dinner Tomis and I decided on Red Robin. I had been craving big seasoned steak fries with ranch for about two weeks and I finally got it. Nuggy had his car seat right on top of the table with the food so mommy could keep a close eye on him. On one check-in, we saw this… Nuggy blissfully sleeping and propped up by his binky. Too funny.


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2 Responses to Mommy and Nuggy take a nap

  1. Ohhhhhhh,sooooo sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU,SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shannon Hale says:

    He is too adorable Ko. You have made one beautiful baby!

    I hope I can get up there before he turns one to see this munchkin!

    Much love!

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