Good Hub

Tomis had three days off from work so he made sure that I got in the sleep that I missed out on. From 3am to noon on his days off (and 3pm one day), Tomis made sure to take responsibility of everything but the breast pump. I had nothing in the way of uninterrupted sleep sessions at two and a half hours at a time. I can’t even tell you what a treat that was. What was even more of a treat was that Tomis took sole responsibility of Nug for about two and a half hours today so I could go get a hair cut and buy some girlie items. Now, thanks to my sweetie pie husband, I look less like a drug addict with a mop for hair. Thanks Bunny ❤ ❤

We had a funny Nug moment the other night as well. I was at the breast pump and Tomis was holding Nug while looking for music on iTunes. All of a sudden I heard a giggle, then raucous laughter from behind me. With tears rolling down his face, Tomis informed me that Nug had his binky in his nose and his eyes crossed– what would the grandparents think if they saw our creation haha. We both laughed until Tomis was red as a tomato and my contacts about floated out of my eyes. I love my silly Nug Bug.

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