WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Our Nug-Bug is doing a fantastic job munching. He had a weigh in yesterday at 6 lbs 7 oz. He is still in the 5th percentile so we still have a tiny guy on our hands but his growth is in accordance with other little guys so we should be nothing but happy.

Mommy and Nuggy had a good day today. My little monster slept with me this morning after 3 feed shifts. That means we got about 4-5 hours of sleep between 12am and 10:45am. Since then I have been doing my best to chug tea that supports healthy lactation, Mothers Milk Tea… it is DISGUSTING. 3-5 cups per day is what the doctor ordered and every sip is a struggle. It tastes like drinking condensation from a pan that’s cooking Indian food with a handful of leaves tossed in– I LOVE Indian food, but I surely don’t want to drink it diluted in water from a cup that recently held grass clippings. I think it may be working though. I am not shooting milk like a water gun, but I may be getting 15-25 extra ml in.

Last night we had some friends from work over. They brought us some AMAZING pasta. Along with them came their adorable and well-mannered son with their GIGANTIC four month old baby girl. I know that my son being so little warps my sense of what is a normal sized baby, but I just have to do a side by side so you can see what I was seeing…

Nug Bug

Pretty Baby Girl

Anyway, it still amazes me how incredible people have been with me since Nuggy came along. I have had so many offers of help, meals brought to my home, constant inquiries to the health of my baby as well as my own well-being. It is touching. I don’t know why I am surprised by it, but it is really refreshing to see so much good in people. Nuggy my darling, the world isn’t such a bad place 🙂

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