Dear mommy, I will only sleep for daddy

My child has become active. Very active. Gone are the days of waking at food time, then dozing back to sleep after a burp and a diaper change. Now, Nug plays… for hours. His little arms and legs become possessed, his eyes are so open his forehead wrinkles, and his mouth goes into a tiny “o” as he makes adorable little sounds. Every once in awhile all his limbs will fly out in different directions so he looks like a star. If left alone he starts to get angry and punishes me by oinking on his binky and spitting it out, and then screaming like all hell broke lose for mom to retrieve it. If I spend enough time cooing at him and petting his little head so his eyes do close, the SECOND I get up those pretty eyes fly open, my child turns red as a tomato, and then the mighty “WAHHHHHHHH WAH WAH WAHHHHHH.” When food time rolls around my angel is no better. Ever see a cat chasing a laser pointer? That is what I feel like trying to get the bottle in his mouth. Once I do get it in there he turns into a tiny fountain spewing milk all over himself and me. After all that I change his diaper, aannnnnnnnnd he poops in my hand.

Now, however, this is what is going down in casa de Papec.



I am bitter. Very, very bitter. I must admit though, the photo opportunity was priceless.

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