What the F*ck did you do to my face??!!

Ohhhhhhhh me 🙂 Last night around 10pm I was struck by genius… how funny would it be to put make-up on Tomis while he slept. Now, my hub wasn’t scheduled to get home until 1am so I had some time to wait before acting on my sinister plan. I probably giggled every fifteen minutes until I had my golden opportunity at 8am. Tomis was curled up in the guest room in a semi-heavy slumber when in I came with a tiny paintbrush and black eyeshadow. I saturated the tiny brush with as much black crap as I could and gently dotted it onto my hubby’s eyebrows. He squirmed and wiggled and nearly caught me every time I entered the room. For three hours I would sneak into the bedroom in fifteen minute intervals, paintbrush in hand, and get as much black crap into his eyebrows as possible without being caught. At one point I was on my knees beside the bed aching with laughter as he innocently propped his head up looking around wondering what caused the tickle. Eventually, he woke up to call Croatia via Skype. Barely awake, he looked at me with his bushman eyebrows and grumpily asked if I could ready the computer while he took the dog to poop 🙂 Of course, I obeyed 🙂 🙂 🙂 My hope was that he wouldn’t catch onto the mess I made of his brows until AFTER skyping with Stefica and Zlatko, but I supposed walking the dog with the face of a caveman was well enough. I digress, upon his return he took his morning poop where he FINALLY looked into the mirror. From the downstairs of my home I heard a mighty bellow,


I am laughing still. In fact, I can’t think about it without falling to the ground in raucous laughter.

This is nowhere near as bad as it was. With all the rolling he did to escape the tiny paintbrush much of the makeup got wiped onto the pillowcase. Imagine bigger and bushier..

“Handsome like daddy” shirt… ah, the irony.

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