Mommy’s most favorite face, cheesecake and cookies

Ryker has the funniest little face when he gets burped. He actually looks quite a bit like a constipated Tomis, which is probably why I love it so much. Last night I was sitting in my glider attached to the breast pump as Tomis was feeding Ryker. Whenever burp time rolls around I always make it a point to watch; it absolutely warms my heart to see my child’s face so sleepy and squished. However, the face keeps changing with each passing day. Ryker is growing so fast that his little cheeks are much fuller and the wrinkles that once covered his forehead are almost non-existent. I had mentioned to Tomis that I want to record his face because I never want to forget how sweet he looked, so today we caught it on film. So here you go… share my favorite face in the world with me 🙂  Click the link below…

Squishy Face

For Tomis’ birthday I made cookies dipped in a dark chocolate glaze and a cheesecake with dark chocolate glaze with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips embedded in the top. I made a butter-sugar crust instead of the standard graham cracker crust as well. I was in the kitchen from 2pm until 10pm with Ryker. We would break for feeds and to play “fetch the binky,” but mostly Ryker napped on the counter in his carseat or watched me bake.

Napping like a guppy

A little piece of “oh my god.” I don’t usually toot my own horn when it comes to cooking because it is such a subjective thing, but TOOT TOOT my friends, TOOT TOOT!!

I only glazed half of it. I wanted Tomis to have the option of chocolate or plain.

I would love to be one inch tall and frolic across that cheesecake like a drunken gnome.

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