Happy birthday sleepy daddy

After one full night of sleeping just an hour and a half, this morning little Ryker still had the energy to talk and wish his daddy a happy birthday. By the way… today Ryker is 2 months old 🙂

Ryker: 2 months old, pretending he didn’t cry all night long

I think we may have the ticket to our sleep salvation though. Our neighbors lent us a baby swing they have no use for. I am at peace on the breast pump at the moment because I don’t have one hand to type, a foot to rock, a forearm to hold pump devices, and another hand to secure a binky into a tiny mouth. That miraculous little swing is doing the job for me. In fact, watching the swing is so relaxing I am in danger of dozing off myself. Now I know they say the road to sanity is to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I have to be back to work in three weeks. That means two things for me, 1. I better darn well fit into my business suits, and 2. I better not be accustomed to midday naps and more than 3-4 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, to save money and to accommodate truly sad working hours, Tomis and I are working opposite ends of the day… me day, him night. That means neither of us get a day off or sleep aid. To make it just a tiny bit more complicated, we have a dog who is showing displeasure for his decrease in affection by peeing on the carpet every morning. We will figure it all out… slowly and sleepily, we will.

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