Ryker gets his shots

Ryker woke up this morning a new baby. After each feed last night he went right to sleep and didn’t spit up once. Once the sun was up in the sky he was shooting smiles at his mommy and daddy, and even let out his first baby squeal. Little did he know he was on the way to get his two month shots. I knew I would be brought to tears if I watched my son in pain so I stepped out of the room to be calm and collected to console my boy. Tomis had the honor of staying in the room. Apparently Ryker was a trooper, but since this was his first experience with pain he showed how he could shed a tear. Tomis left the room glassy-eyed, and we both got a little weepy in the parking lot. Nothing in life has ever upset me more than seeing my 8 pound son so sad after his shots. There isn’t a Sarah Mclachlan commercial worse than a tiny hand needing your finger because he is sad, scared, and hurting. I think the worst is over though. Up until half an hour ago he was feverish and wailing like he was in pain. Now he is calm, his fever seems to be broken, and other than sleepy he is doing pretty well. His mom however is slightly worse for wear. It is tough seeing your child so sad. Seven hours straight of seeing my son so helplessly unhappy with wet eyes and big bandages on his legs probably comes close to topping the list of things that really upset me in life.

I think my baby boy knew I was sad seeing him sad, because this is the baby that is in front of me now. He is putting on a brave little show for me, like he is saying, “see mommy, I am okay :-)” Check out his pretty blue eyes…

Ryker 8 hours after his first shots

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One Response to Ryker gets his shots

  1. Ryker is amazing boy !!! THX for video and for everything what you doing with us…we enjoy sooooooo much when we listen voice of him…you are really good person…we love you…

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