The return of the Mohawk

My child… is SOO cute. After his bath that started with lavender oil and ended with a duck towel my son was in dire need of a testosterone boost. Enter the mohawk, punk shirt, and Elvis lip…


What a rascal. I no longer have a favorite picture of my son… they are all top cute!

“What did you say to me??!!”


Fat rascal.


MY BOYS– all together!!!!!!!

Anyway, tonight the Papec family had dinner with our neighbors. It has been a long time since I have been so pleasantly surprised by a couple. They are so kind, worldly, and funny. This is the same couple who sensed our quiet desperation for sleep and offered up their unused baby swing as a possible solution. It hasn’t been the magical passage way into sleep that I hoped for, but man oh man has it offered me some valuable minutes of returned sanity haha. Anyway, the dinner that Kristen made tonight was FANTASTIC! I think there was a reason why I loved it so much… apparently, my new neighbor and I have much in common INCLUDING trolling the same website for recipes. I had earmarked her main course as one of my favorites about a year ago. The best part was that I had been craving that dish for awhile and had intended to make it myself soon. I believe we even made some of the same adjustments to the recipe so it tasted just as I would have liked it. I will have to have them over for dinner soon to we can engage in some recipe swapping. Maybe we can tag team a dinner one night and see what we can come up with.

Anyway, it is one o’clock in the morning and Ryker just finished his meal. My little porker is in one of his ravenous episodes so I suspect his weight gain will be pretty substantial on Tuesday. He has just nodded off to sleep and I am going to do the same. Goodnight all !

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