Ryker tinkles on mama

My darling son, who just now fell asleep after HOURS of playing a frantic game of fetch, tinkled on me… and yes, I got it on camera. In hindsight it seems a little weird that I videoed my child getting his diaper changed but I thought it might be nice for everyone to see a piece of Ryker’s daily routine. See link below…

Ryker pees on his mom

Anyway, I am absolutely exhausted right now. I got an hour and a half of sleep somewhere between 9pm-12am, maybe two hours between 12-3am, and another hour between 3am-6am. At 6:30 is when “fetch the binky” started. That is almost a record amount of sleep for me!! Since then I have been to the grocery store, cleaned a bathroom and a kitchen, walked the dog, ate a sandwich, and chatted with our neighbor. I am finally getting the hang of multi-tasking to get things done with a newborn in tow. It is wonderful to compress a lot into not a whole lot of space and then add some more on top– it is more than enough to feel accomplished at the end of everyday. The problem will now be going back to work, which happens in two weeks. I will be out of the house eleven hours a day without my baby, and aside from not being able to fathom how I will get life done, the thought of being away from Ryker stabs at my heart in a way I never knew possible.

In happier news, my neighbor has offered to help me tile my kitchen!! My entire house is builder’s beige and I detest it. I love my home because I love the potential… but this office building motif gives me the blahs. I will post before pics/video soon. My mission will be to decorate my entire downstairs for less than $1000.

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