I think because Ryker was born five weeks early some of the pregnancy experiences I was meant to have went momentarily stagnant.  The final push of “bigness” obviously isn’t going to be on that menu, but nesting certainly is.  I have suddenly become absolutely consumed with making our house a home.  Rather than “readying” for our baby’s arrival, I am “readying” for warmth on cold days, positive holiday experiences, kitchens ready to make dinner, dining areas ready for friends and family,organized cabinets for cookie and cake making, etc.  The baton has been passed… I am a matriarch (how weird)– my mom can now critique my cooking and give lavish presents to Ryker from the comfort of my living room, while I taste the soup, bake the cookies, dress the tree, and hide the presents.  Christmas will have glorious responsibilities.  I have control over the degree of wonderful my child’s holiday memories will have and I am in a tizzy cementing the smiles he will have 40 years in the future when he reminisces over his childhood.  Now that I have learned the crucial skill of multi-tasking I don’t waste one minute of any day.  When Ryker naps I turn into a marathon woman: dirty bottles, breast pump, oven chimes, spray painting wood letters spelling my sons name, laundry, and ALWAYS five minutes for make-up and a reasonable mom-bun  (looking like hell does not make a happy mommy).  Most recently i have been focusing on our living room, dining area, and kitchen.  Our home was just rooms with some randomly placed furniture… I am slowly adding purposeful functionality with glass jars displaying my cooking staples and rugs to keep the floor clean and define living areas.  Pictures are slowing filling the blank spaces on the walls and pillows are being added to chairs.  Pictures soon to come… but for now, enjoy some Ryker time…

Benny and the Jets Baby

Dreamer baby

One of my creations…. artichoke peppered chicken open faced munchies. mmmmmmmm.


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