Weigh-in at Martha’s

My baby boy is growing so fast. At his weigh-in today he hit the ten pound mark! I should have known he would be that heavy as my wrist is KILLING me from holding him so much. His car seat has turned into a workout as well. I walk like I have a hunchback when lugging around my boy. The fact that his neck will sometimes smell like cheese from milk that lodged into his baby chins may have clued me in as well 😉

Monday I head back to work. I am looking forward to it… but I’m not. It will be nice have some grown-up experiences again; I know that I will miss my baby like crazy though. Often I cuddle him when he is fully capable of sleeping in his bassinet, and even more than that I just stare at him watching him breath. He gets more adorable with each passing day. I love when people stop me to ohh and ahh over the “adorable little boy.” It just doesn’t get old 🙂

So I think I am finally done playing Martha Stewart. Honestly, I think the peak of my design frenzy was just retail therapy. Luckily, I have a neighbor who was a good influence on me and unknowingly nudged me down the path of bargain buying. I stained cheap shelves and painted cheap wood. Pillows at a discount are on my couch, tupperware full of pasta in my kitchen, and a display stand for my baked goodies for all guests who enter my kitchen… for not a whole lot of money our home is a really cozy place to plop. I spend more time there than anywhere else now– it makes me happy to be there. It is so clearly a family home now, and I put the pieces together 🙂

Here is one of the walls that I dressed. That shelf was $14 at a craft store. I stained it to look richer, bought individual letters to spell our last name and painted them, and then arranged it all on the wall with some candles and pictures we already had.


There are still a few pieces that need replacing, but we have everything we need to function and it is comfy.

May my cookie display always have cookies 🙂

My sugar, flour, and pasta

Nug holding onto his binky while he slept. So sweet.

Look how chubby my Nug got!! He was so sweet sleeping there with his little hands crossed. He was supposed to be burping but he decided to nap instead… heart breaker.

Family photo 🙂 Nug just barely made it in the shot. I look like my mom here!

Click the link to see the video below…


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