A nut like my mom

So this is what it feels like to be a people mover. I wrote that sentence over twelve hours ago, intending to discuss how Nug has picked up a “must be cuddled constantly” philosophy on life. But, It is near impossible to do anything without interruption if it takes more than five minutes, so here I am “tomorrow” finishing my blog post. Anyway, as a teenager I thought my mom was a nut because at times she would be scattered while going 90 mph doing regular day-to-day tasks. Now, I am the same nut haha. Even as I type I am doing our household work and babysitter schedule, the bills, and a menu for the week so that with our erratic schedules we all get fed. I even hear Tomis telling me, “whoa, calm down,” just like my dad tells my mom. I am sure my mind mimics my mom’s… “but if this doesn’t get done, then the next five things may not get done, and the only time left to push into is when I go to the bathroom!” Time management time management time management…

Tomorrow I am back to work. Tuesday and Wednesday I am in Seattle. If you are thinking I will be devastated being away from Nug that long, well, you are ABSOLUTELY 100% correct. But, work will pay for his sports one day so off to Seattle I go. I have a feeling that this jam-packed week will turn from today to Friday incredibly quick. That seems to be the way life is now… it goes by in less than a snap. I look at my son who has doubled in size and I can barely picture my skinny little bobble-head from two months ago. If I look three months back I wasn’t even a mom. Six months ago I wasn’t a homeowner. 8 months ago I wasn’t a manager. Quick quick quick.

This seemed appropriate to post since my life is getting its work injection in less than 24 hours. This is the picture that will hang in my branch. I promise it isn’t narcissism… it is required 😉

This is one of the meals I created this week. I tried to post the recipe MULTIPLE times, but never was able to be in front of the compute long enough to get it up. It is a deep dish pizza bake with a twist… soooo delish. Also a great way to use spaghetti leftovers and veggies.

Hillary** Thought of you with this one. This is how I shower… only way to keep my eye on the little guy. Every once in awhile I have to pop a soapy hand out of the shower to stick a binky in a tiny mouth. Your time is coming 😉

If you were dining with us in the “seat of honor” this is the view you would have.

99 cent glass bowls with flowers add some color to an otherwise lifeless fireplace top. By-the-way, I think the whole tv over the fireplace thing is stupid. Apparently that is the new thing to do in houses now, so that is what we have.

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2 Responses to A nut like my mom

  1. Uffff,you must tomorow go to work !!!!! In Croatia we stay one year,and I now you are sad,I was be,but you now that he stay with good women and that is very important for him for you and for Tomi…my mum is very sad because she can do enything for you..will be…we hope…I must go to sleep,tomorow is new day with lots of thing…school,job,and learning english…she is really good and loves theacher verrry much…she must spike with Ryker on english !!!!! We love you !!!!!!!

  2. Shannon says:

    I think the TV over the fireplace is stupid too. But at lest you have a nice corner fireplace, seems fit for the tv you have. I want to take a week off work and visit. I how I can soon. I miss my koko!

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