1st day back after maternity leave

I must say… my first day back to work was WONDERFUL!! Let’s start with the best, Hillary (my bump buddy before I popped) dropped in with delish cupcakes!! Thank god for her, because it was all I ate until I left for the day at 6:10. Other than the cupcakes, I was sooooo pleased to find that my mind had returned to normal. Unlike when I was pregnant and I was afraid to speak for fear of forgetting what I was saying mid-sentence, I actually new my stuff! What’s better is I knew my stuff with big words!! I think that having a baby in your stomach pushes vocabulary out of your head. Probably the least of the “goods” from being back at work was the ability to pee if I wanted, eat if I wanted, grab coffee if I wanted, clean if I wanted (I didn’t do one of those things, but it was nice to know I could)… I feel guilty saying it, but not having my hands tied was exciting! However, as soon as I was in the car on the way to pick up Nug my foot went heavy on the gas because my heart hurt from missing my son so much. Tomis had sent me many pictures and videos to make sure I wasn’t miserable without my boy, but I hardly had time to check my phone. I love my husband for being so thoughtful though. Now, Nug is being his crazy-baby self and is playing fetch like he wants me punished. I have one finger in a binky and one hand typing. Everything is as it should be 🙂 There are six more hours until I can sleep, even though I want to sleep now, and then tomorrow my day starts super early. Saturday and Sunday I have my Nug to myself though, so now that I have Monday out of the way I am closer to more time with my precious boy!

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