“Yea, take him”

I think that everyone who wants to have a child should know this… despite all the logic to the contrary, staying at home and taking care of a child is worlds more difficult than waking up and going to work. WORLDS. I think my last post may have given that impression as well. Tomis got a good dose of “stay at home mom” today. For the past 13 weeks he has gotten to play his role in segments and usually with some teamwork with me. Today was the first time he was at home alone with the baby for 12.5 hours (pause for effect!) with no help. When I came home I picked up the baby and attacked him with kisses… Tomis looked at me with weary eyes and said, “Yea, take him.” I could have died from laughter but I refrained. I won’t lie, it felt good to see him understand that being “at home” is more work than, well, work. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty exhausted from my job but that’s because I have had to be on my toes thinking of 15 things at a time for 11 hours. Tomis got to experience having to think of one thing and one thing only while servicing all the chores that orbit that one thing AND making that one thing happy and comfortable. He was a starving and exhausted daddy when I got home, but he did good. My baby smells like cheese, but he is a happy cheesy baby.

Now, Tomis has bolted off into the night to grab some throw-together food to prepare himself for tomorrow when he has to do this again!! We have an agreement now that I work… the parent that is working is the parent that sleeps. So, Tomis was on duty last night and will be again tonight. I have Saturday and Sunday off so Friday and Saturday the ball is back in my court. Monday, it will be split between the two of us again. I have to say, I have a damn good husband. The fact that he actually assumes responsibility for his child when so many dads think children are the mothers’ responsibility until their necks can hold a football helmet makes me very fortunate. Even if Tomis is tired and grumpy right now haha. Thanks bunny!

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