Tons of Cuddles

The papasan is one of the most popular places in our home. It sits underneath a softly lit lamp and just far enough away from the fireplace to stay cozy. There is an ottoman to prop your feet up, or a sheepskin rug to bury your toes in. The best part is, the papasan fits more than one!

I couldn’t wait for today to come. Although in past posts I mentioned how exhausting it can be to take care of a baby, it is the most gratifying experience there is. In fact, there was such a void to fill while I was at work that I have never been so productive.  Boo to those that worry about hiring women for fear their babies will impact their work ethic– I am much improved!  I digress… the point was, I am so happy that it is Saturday and I have two days to cuddle my little man.  He man have been gassy and fussy all day long, but nothing beats being able to smell his little baby head whenever I want.

Enough about me… here are some shots I snagged of Tomis napping with Nug.

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