“I hate you”

The title of the blog is the text message I sent to Tomis at 3:45am haha.  I was irrationally anger from having no sleep.  Something Tomis had said to me the day prior kept playing over in my head, “I let him sleep until 2pm all the time.  Don’t worry, he will sleep at night.”  I could have killed the man.  Truly, haha.

I am feeling a little bit better from yesterday though.  Despite my angry text message I have a good hub who made me tea with honey twice last night.

Anyway, I have a huge list of things that need to get done today but I have something to be VERY excited about.  Tomis and I have these amazing neighbors who are very artistic in addition to being really fun.  They rehab craigslist finds and re-sell them.  Kristen is one of the biggest reasons why I went all “Martha Stewart” on  our home during my maternity leave.  ANYHOO, I coveted this lamp they were rehabbing and they offered to give it to me!!  They are coming over to install it today 🙂  So, very soon here I am going to bake my slowly becoming famous chocolate oat cookies in gratitude!  If Nug lets me I may do a deep dish pizza too!


A Good Daddy
Click above for cute daddy dance 😉

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One Response to “I hate you”

  1. We hope that you and everybody else feel much better or litlle beat better…Ryker is soooooo beautifull boy !!!!!!! We love you and miss you…..soooo much…..

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