Congratulations Hillary!!

My bump buddy had her baby!!  Her beautiful baby girl is betrothed to our little Ryker 😉  I may be looking too far ahead here, but they will make beautiful children themselves haha.

Anyway, some late night texting with Hillary brought back so many memories of my first moments with Ryker.  Hearing his cry for the first time and feeling it chase away any fear that he wouldn’t be okay.  Seeing his little face and wondering how I will turn the little red wailer into a man. Having an immediate understanding of my mother and thinking to myself, “wow.  my parents loved me this much this whole time.”  Feeling his tiny little head pressed against my chest, sniffing out the one who would care for him for the rest of his life.  The silent promises made to him and to god that he will have more love than he can handle for everyday of my life until the day I die.  All those thoughts and a thousand more ran through my head as my three month old boy farted loudly in his sleep as if to say, “mom, stop being a pussy.”

Sooooo yes.  Thank you Hillary for your friendship and for bringing me down memory lane.  Your girl is amazing and I can’t wait to meet her!!

Some cute pics from yesterday 🙂

He was so cute napping on my chest.  Knocked out.


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One Response to Congratulations Hillary!!

  1. Beautifull Papec familly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you !!!!!!!!

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