I gave my branch gas

What a terrible boss I am.  I have started this new thing where I bring in baked goods to work on Mondays.  This past Monday I brought in my chocolate oat cookies.  They always seem to be a hit so I love making them.  Anyway, oats are very healthy and very high fiber– and my cookies have a lot of oats.  A lot.  We all know what happens when you eat a lot of fiber… that’s right boys and girls, your bum sounds like a firing squad.  I warned the branch that my cookies would make you “regular” but when one of my staff admitted to having to focus not to pass gas, I realized the folly of my good intentions.  Too funny.  Perhaps to ensure a proper customer experience I should stick to chocolate chip from now on…

Anyway.  I caught the cold bug.  I am exhausted, achy, sniffling, and sneezing.  It is my day off so I am on Nug duty.  I think he can sense my insincerity during our games of peek-a-boo because he is just not having it.  Even though mommy needs to lie down and sleep, it is absolutely imperative that my child gets bounced haha.  I have about five and a half hours that I need to tough out before the earliest possible bed-time for Nug and then I will pass out in miserable bliss.  Until then… orange juice… peek-a-boo… tea…. bounce the baby… chicken noodle soup… blow on the tummy… decongestant… poopie diaper. Funny, it makes me smile to think of it 🙂  Exhausted as I may be, I love my life so much..

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