Healthcare is a crock of poo


This is how I carried Nug for three hours the other day.  I look that beanie with the little ears 🙂

$9,000 is what we paid after insurance for Nug.  Amazing.  There is one upside though… at least I understand why people are so angry at the blasted system.  Granted, the total bills from Nug were over $28,000, not counting pre-natal, and I didn’t have to pay it all.  BUT, I pay over $200 per paycheck for this coverage… that means $4800 in a year.  That means I spent $14,000 in total… HALF of what the total bill was anyway.  Craziness.

Anyway… Nug may have picked up a bit of colic.  He screams and screams any time he isn’t vertical.  I think he has gas and it makes his tummy uncomfortable to be laid down.  It makes for not a lot of sleep or nerves for Tomis and I.  The bug  is at the babysitter at the moment, and I am home getting everything done that usually gets done while Nug sleeps.  Counters are disinfected, floor is vacuumed, dishes are done, kitty litter is changed, trash is out, laundry is folded (almost) and put away (almost), and the blog is getting written!  I still have to get last weeks meals out of the fridge and get to the grocery store for gas drops for the Bug.  And if anyone is wondering, yes, I took a nap haha.  It was only an hour, but knowing that sleeping any longer than that would mean another day of a messy house plagued my dreams.

And just as a side note… Tomis and I have re-named our child looney-bin.  He is a nut.  A blessed little nut, but a nut indeed.

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