Chatter Box Baby

It is amazing what you think you know about life before you have a baby compared to what your baby tells you life is really about when he arrives.  When I was pregnant Tomis and I did what I am sure most new parents do… try to plan and budget.  It seemed like an impossible feat.  In order to afford life, one of our compromises was part time daycare.  That meant Tomis would work nights, I would work days, and with us both having the capability to have a weekday or two off we could cut our childcare by like 30%.   Easy way to keep $400 around for food, car insurance, toys, etc.  Ryker has since told us we are stupid parents, haha.  There isn’t a price tag on the moments we get to enjoy together as a family (or sleep).   We have a plan in progress to fix our schedule issue and we will hopefully have an update for you soon.

Anyway, Grammy and Grandpa came over Friday night to help with the Bug on Saturday.  It happens every once in awhile that Tomis and I both work Saturday and we were without childcare options with Moosh, Doodle, and Pookie up in Vancouver for a swim meet.  Thank goodness for great grandparents… they are the greatest!  And, they did a fantastic job!

This morning the Papec household had a nice conversation…

First thing in the morning.

Baby Video 1

Baby Video 2

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