Congrats Tomis! Welcome to banking!

The last post I wrote I alluded to a change of tide for Tomis and I.  Well, Tomis just got a job at the same company I work for as a Bank Manager.  How did it happen, you ask?  A combo of things, actually.  First, I got REALLY REALLY upset one day when Tomis was sick and got called into work.  I got upset for a few other reasons, but that is neither here nor there.   Anyway, I hopped on the computer the first moment I got, updated Tomis’s resume, posted it to my job’s web page, contacted the recruiter, and phoned some friends.  Tomis got the interview and from there it was his charm, extensive skill set, and experience that got him the job.   He starts the 30th!  That means… family time EVERY night and EVERY Sunday.   I am so excited… there is so much to look forward too.  I can start cooking dinner again, Ryker can get a nightly routine since mommy and daddy will both be home, we can get family pictures done since now there is more time where we will all be together, and mostly importantly, Ryker will see his parents happy and smiling together!  Just another week of hellish hours and my dreams will come true; I will have my hubby and baby every night.  I could cry, truly 🙂

And… the blog will be updated more often haha.  The pics are from the past week– some with daddy, some with mommy, and some with the new toy mama bought.  Nug has been an adorable little baby.  In fact, I was at a baby shower today where Nug took it upon himself to steal the show from time to time.  He snored during the present opening and giggled and coo’d as he got passed from girl to girl the rest of the time.

Alright, I have to wake up my boy or else he won’t sleep tonight.  Love to you all!!

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One Response to Congrats Tomis! Welcome to banking!

  1. ornella Poslek says:

    This is really great news !!!!!!!!! We are soooo hapy for you…will be so much,much better for Tomi and you,and especially for Ryker…we love you…many kiss from cold,cold Zagreb !!!

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