Pass the baby

First… Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Second… Happy Be-lated birthday to Doodle!

Third… Sorry about the empty post titled “Laughing baby.”  I had this ADORABLE video on my phone and I thought that I could post it to the blog.  When I hit submit I was confronted with an empty post.

So, this Thanksgiving my parents hosted a few families.  Unfortunately Tomis had to work his second to last shift at the Marriott so he couldn’t be there, but my parents made sure to re-do the holiday for him last night so he didn’t really miss out.  Anyway, the highlights of the holiday were me falling asleep at the dinner table, then Nug and I taking a nap as soon as the food was served, then me grabbing a plate of food and scarfing it down while Nug got passed from doting person to doting person so I could enjoy a few minutes with my Thanksgiving bounty.  After I ate, I allowed my bug to continue to make the rounds as I watched bits and pieces of the final Harry Potter on dvd with the guests, then cuddled Nug into a nice nap before heading home.  I didn’t take many pics of food this year, rather I went for a “pass the baby” photo theme…

Tomis and I are now enjoying a few days off together.  What a blessing to have us both together.  Nug had his 4 month check up a few days ago.  He is now 14 pounds 🙂  A lot of work went into growing that child and we are thrilled at where he is.  There was concern about how little he was but our awesome pediatrician didn’t show her fears to us to keep us from any added stress.  MANY MANY MANY sleepless nights would have been made much worse if I were scared for Nug’s health, but that is all a thing of the past now.  He is a “normal” sized baby, even taking into consideration that he was 5 weeks premature.  We caught our boy up to the pack!  In fact, we anticipate him to be a big strapping boy as he ranks as an “average” sized baby at the moment… imagine if went to term 😉

Right now Nug is napping by the fire and Tomis is off buying hooks to put up our Christmas lights.  I told him to take the credit card and go a little crazy.  I want our house to glow with Christmas warmeth and happiness for Nug’s first!

Bug woke up… goodbye!

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