Crazy baby gets his Christmas tree :-)

As I have mentioned in a past post, Tomis and I have had the past four days off together.  The funny thing is that even with the two of us tag-teaming a beautiful baby boy, neither of us can recall ever being this tired.  I do have to say, before I forget, Tomis has been an amazing daddy.  I have been sick as a dog the whole time we have had off together and Tomis has taken charge of the night feeds.  He also took charge of the four loads of laundry that has sat neglected in the closet, bottle washing, and dishes that were in the sink.  I am a lucky mommy… very lucky.  Anyway, aside from being sick, the reason we are so exhausted is that our Bug has stopped sleeping at night.  In fact, shrieking ensues between 1-3am, and just doesn’t stop until daylight.  Our baby is in some sort of a phase.. he has discovered frustration and is exploring it to the depths of its definition.  He did however discover laughter as well, but right now frustration takes precedence.

In spite of our extreme exhaustion, the Papecs have had some amazing moments.  We put up our very first tree with our baby boy 🙂  We shed a tear as we put a gold Christmas ornament in Ryker’s chubby little fingers, took his hand, and had him place the ornament on the tree.  As a family we danced to holiday music and watched Ryker gaze with wonder at a sparkling tree covered with lights.  As far as emotional moments go in my life, that was really up there.  Anytime I look at his little face I am excited for the future, but something about making the holidays magical for a child makes me know there is no greater purpose in life for me than being a mommy.

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