Tickle the baby :-)

I haven’t posted in awhile because Tomis and I are currently getting used to our new routine.  Nug has a new babysitter, Tomis has a new schedule, I have a new morning routine, and the lot of us are just adjusting into patterns.

Tomis likes his new job.  It is a lot to learn, but he is enjoying the challenge.  Being with the same company we can share a work calendar and make sure we never mess up on our scheduling for our precious boy.  The absolute best part is that we are home together as family.  The video in this post was taken a few minutes ago.  Tomis and I revel in our family time at night.  Once we are all home after a combination of running around town getting dinner and baby, the routine is as follows: Tomis and I spend about half an hour cuddling and loving the baby together, then I head to the kitchen and concoct whatever it is we are having while Tomis plays with the baby.  After that we take turns eating and cleaning up the kitchen.  Then, I go on baby duty and start getting the bug into eat and sleep mode, then the two of us play before turning in.  Meanwhile, Tomis will watch a soccer game and then come upstairs just in time for Nug’s next feed and let’s me sleep.  It is good… no, it is great.

Tickle the BABY




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